Portfolio Two: New Mexico

One of our favorite travel places. We usually do a spring tour here.

  • Shiprock bw.jpg

    Shiprock in monochrome, v. 2

  • Shiprock bw-2.jpg

    Shiprock in monochrome, v.1

  • Chaco.jpg

    Nesting doors at Pueblo Bonito

  • Chaco-3.jpg

    Another set of nesting doors in Pueblo Bonito

  • Chaco-2.jpg

    Fajada Butte in monochrome

  • Oliver Lee.jpg

    Dog Canyon at Oliver Lee SP

  • Oliver Lee-2.jpg

    Dog Canyon Again

  • Oliver Lee-6.jpg

    Oliver Lee Clouds and Cactus

  • Oliver Lee-5.jpg

    Oliver Lee Landscape

  • Gila Cliff.jpg

    Spotted Owl at Gila Cliff Dwelllings

  • Gila Cliff-3.jpg

    Beaver Work at Gila Cliff Dwellings

  • Ghost Ranch.jpg

    Moonrise at Sunset in Ghost Ranch

  • Ghost Ranch-6.jpg

    the Pedernal at sunrise near Ghost Ranch

  • Ghost Ranch-4.jpg

    Chimney Rock storm at Ghost Ranch

  • Ghost Ranch-3.jpg

    Pedernal Silhouette

  • Ghost Ranch-2.jpg

    Chimney Rock and clouds at Ghost Ranch

  • City of Rocks.jpg

    City of Rocks at sunrise

  • City of Rocks-7.jpg

    City of Rocks early in the day

  • City of Rocks-2.jpg

    Windmill at City of Rocks sunrise.

  • Shiprock.jpg

    Sunset at Shiprock. Cue the clouds.

  • Shiprock-5.jpg

    Color in the sky at Shiprock

  • Shiprock-2.jpg

    Clouds and sunset at Shiprock

  • White Sands-12.jpg

    On a windy day.

  • White Sands-13.jpg


  • White Sands-9.jpg

    The struggle continues...

  • White Sands-6.jpg

    Sunset on the dunes...

  • White Sands-7.jpg


  • White Sands-4.jpg

    Another glorious sunset on the dunes.

  • Movie Church.jpg

    A church and windmill at a movie set ranch in New Mexico

  • Movie Set.jpg

    Street scene on the movie set in New Mexico.

  • Antlers.jpg

    Antlers on the porch at Las Golondrinas, New Mexico

  • Old Wagon.jpg

    An old wagon at Las Golondrinas in New Mexico