Portfolio One: Arizona

From our travels throughout Arizona....

  • The Wave.jpg

    Outside of Page on the way to the Wave.

  • The Wave-2.jpg

    Closeup view of this rock formation outside Page.

  • The Wave-8.jpg

    Reflections at the Wave. A storm a couple days before we arrived filled the pools.

  • The Wave-12.jpg

    To and from the Wave. The great southwest.

  • The Wave-9.jpg


  • The Wave-6.jpg

    Twisted rocks

  • Saguaro Sunrise.jpg

    McDowell Mountain Park saguaro near sunrise.

  • Picacho & Catalina 12.jpg

    Spring at PIcacho Peak State Park

  • Picacho & Catalina 11.jpg

    Huge saguaro at Catalina State Park

  • Picacho & Catalina 6.jpg

    The scenery at Catalina State Park

  • Peridot Mesa-17.jpg

    Spring at Peridot Mesa.

  • Peridot Mesa-18.jpg

    Mexican Gold Poppies at Peridot Mesa

  • McDowell Mtn Sunrise.jpg

    Sunrise at McDowell Mtn.

  • Gold Poppies

    Mexican Gold Poppies along the railroad tracks.

  • Canyon de Chelly

    Ancient dwellings.... Canyon de Chelly

  • Canyon de Chelly-4.jpg

    Ancient cliff dwellings and desert varnish on the cliffs.

  • Canyon de Chelly-3.jpg

    Monochrome of the White House ruins.

  • Canyon de Chelly-2.jpg

    White House Ruins....

Many landscapes to see here!

Various Arizona landscapes from the northwest to the northeast to the southern part.