Portfolio Four: Utah

We often start at Hovenweep and then travel throughout the state.

  • Hovenweep.jpg

    Sunset at the Castle

  • Hovenweep-2.jpg

    A bit of reflection late in the day.

  • Hovenweep-12.jpg

    Sunset and reflection on the Castle

  • Hovenweep-11.jpg

    Reflections after the rains come.

  • Hovenweep-10.jpg

    Sunrise, clouds, the Castle, reflection and a sun star!

  • Hovenweep-9.jpg

    A glorious sunrise with Sleeping Ute in the distance.

  • Hovenweep-8.jpg

    Oh sunrise....

  • Hovenweep-6.jpg

    Early sunrise outlines Sleeping Ute.

  • Hovenweep-5.jpg

    And the sun peaks over the horizon.

  • Hovenweep-4.jpg

    Two ravens on the Castle and snow on Sleeping Ute.

  • Hovenweep-3.jpg

    One of the outliers to Hovenweep.

  • Hovenweep Sunrise.jpg

    Sing to the sunrise.

  • Hovenweep & VoG-5.jpg

    Driving around Valley of the Gods.

  • Hovenweep & VoG-4.jpg

    The Sitting Hen at Valley of the Gods

  • Hovenweep & VoG-3.jpg

    The Rooster and the Sitting Hen.

  • Capitol Reef.jpg

    Factory Butte near Capitol Reef in sepia tones.

  • Capitol Reef-15.jpg

    The picnic ground at Capitol Reef at sunrise.

  • Capitol Reef-13.jpg

    The shadow at sunset in Capitol Reef.

  • Capitol Reef-12.jpg

    Sunset at Capitol Reef

  • Capitol Reef-6.jpg

    Factory Butte closeup in sepia tone.

  • Capitol Reef-10.jpg

    Sunset and clouds on the Henry Mountains from Capitol Reef.

Ancient Dwellings and Iconic Landscapes

Enjoy the variety of scenes from Utah!